“With each page, each panel, The Crimson Cage has been a viscous, well-paced story that has been impossible to put down.” — The GWW

Double double toil and rumble…Brace yourself for a No-Holds-Bard reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. New Orleans, 1984. Chuck Frenzy is the main event star of the local Louisiana pro wrestling territory, but yearns for something greater. A fateful encounter with a trio of terrifying beings in the Bayou gives Chuck a glimpse of championship glory beyond his wildest dreams…if he is willing to do something terrible to achieve it.

Rating: Mature

Free Issue #1 Preview

Volume One — Five Issues

  • The Crimson Cage #1 Cover A
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  • The Crimson Cage #2
    Issue #2
  • The Crimson Cage #3
    Issue #3
  • The Crimson Cage #4
    Issue #4
  • The Crimson Cage #5 In Stores 4/20
    Issue #5


  • The Crimson Cage Vol. 1 In Stores 6/22
    Volume One
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Collectible Variant

  • The Crimson Cage #1 Cover B

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