Not All Robots. Read this new comic and read everything Mark Russell does. He is brilliant.” — Patton Oswalt

In the year 2056, robots have replaced human beings in the workforce. An uneasy co-existence develops between the newly intelligent robots and the ten billion humans living on Earth. Every human family is assigned a robot upon whom they are completely reliant. What could possibly go wrong? Meet the Walters, a human family whose robot, Razorball, ominously spends his free time in the garage working on machines which they’re pretty sure are designed to kill them in this sci-fi satire.

Rating: Mature

Free Issue #1 Preview

Volume One — Five Issues

  • Not All Robots #1 Cover A
    Issue #1 Read now
  • Not All Robots #2
    Issue #2
  • Not All Robots #3
    Issue #3
  • Not All Robots #4
    Issue #4
  • Not All Robots #5
    Issue #5


Collectible Variant

  • Not All Robots #1 Cover B

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