“If you’re looking for something new with a badass female character at the center of things, pick this up…” — The GWW

A high-octane crime thriller from Christa Faust (Bad Mother, Redemption) and Priscilla Petraites (Chariot). Lulu has a very unique profession. When she is witness to the execution of one of her regular clients, she escapes into the night with a briefcase filled with diamonds and a pack of killers on her trail. Navigating the dark underbelly of decaying, early-90’s Atlantic City, one step ahead of her pursuers, Lulu must call upon every one of her street-born instincts and underworld connections in what will be the longest – and possibly last – night of her life.

Rating: Mature

Free Issue #1 Preview

Volume One — Five Issues

  • Hit Me #1 In Stores 3/9
    Issue #1 Read now
  • Hit Me #2 In Stores 4/13
    Issue #2
  • Hit Me #3 In Stores 5/18
    Issue #3
  • Hit Me #4 In Stores 6/29
    Issue #4
  • Hit Me #5 In Stores 7/27
    Issue #5


  • Hit Me Vol. 1 In Stores 9/14
    Volume One
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Collectible Variants

  • Hit Me #1 Cover B
  • Hit Me #5 Cover B

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