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AWA is a creative business owned and operated by creators.

We were founded by Marvel alumni and strategic investors with a mission to build a creative and business eco-system that will bring out the best in creators with something significant say and show and to show their works to the world.

AWA offers best and brightest artists, writers and artisans in the art and craft of comic books and graphic novels the best deals in the industry, provides them with resources to help them do their best work, and affords them the freedom to follow their lights. Our hope, dream and dead reckoning, is that a network of graphic fiction businesses that cooperate with each other will be able to better service our collective readership, audiences, attendees and customers, fix our profoundly broken industry, make a lot of money and have a lot of fun.

AWA Leadership Team

Axel Alonso

Chief Creative Officer

Selected Work Experience

Marvel, Editor-In-Chief | 2011–2018

Marvel, Executive Editor | 2001–2011

DC Comics Vertigo, Senior Editor | 1994–2000

“The fate of the Marvel Universe rests on Axel Alonso’s shoulders…a Journalist turned modern-day mythologist” —The New York Times

Bill Jemas

Chief Executive Officer

Selected Work Experience

Marvel, COO & Publisher | 2000–2004

Madison Square Garden, EVP| 1998–2000

Marvel – Fleer/Skybox, President | 1992–1995

National Basketball Association, AGC & VP | 1985–1992​

“The man who put the spring back in Spidey’s web” —The New York Times

Jon Miller


Selected Work Experience

Fandom, Co-Chairman | 2018 – Present

Advancit Capital, Partner | 2013 – Present

Digital Media Group – News Corp, Chairman & CEO | 2009-2012

AOL, CEO | 2002-2006

“An amazing corporate legend who held our hands through the entire executive process [of bringing Millarworld to Netflix for an original slate deal]” —Mark Millar, Millarworld

AWA Creative Council

AWA’s creative counsel is forging a new universe with 21st century sensibilities. With each coming from a unique background, these six accomplished creators will bring their own perspectives in the form of new characters and new stories.

J. Michael Straczynski

Reginald Hudlin

Garth Ennis

Gregg Hurwitz

Margaret Stohl

Frank Cho